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# directus_starter
run this project with `flutter -v run -d *chrome* --web-port=28080`
A starter to bootstrap the creation of Apps synced with a directus API
the project *must* stay deployable on Android / IOS / WEB / WIN
Use **GetX** for state management, routing and translating
## Structure
**Before runing the project be sure to set `apiUrl` in `/lib/globals.dart`**
`@/views/` for app screens and components
`@/components/` dart files here are not meant to be used, they are here for reference
`@/store` all state provider
`@/template` for all the reusables layouts
run this project with `flutter -v run -d *chrome* --web-port=8085`
## Localization
## With VSCode
Create a `launch.json` file in `*root*/.vscode/` :
"version": "0.2.0",
"configurations": [
"name": "Flutter",
"request": "launch",
"type": "dart",
"args": ["-d", "chrome","--web-port", "8085"],
# Structure
> "`@`" is shorthand for `project_dir/lib`
- `@/views/` app screens
- `@/components/` widgets used in view
- `@/store` state providers
- `@/template` reusables layouts
- `@/lang` translations files
# State Management
State Management is done with Getx ( [GetX doc]( )
All the data is persisted online throught a Directus API ( [Directus doc]( )
## Create a controller:
for a directus collection named **car**
simply add a file `carsController.dart` in `@/store` :
// @/store/carsController.dart
import 'package:directus_starter/store/itemsController.dart';
class CarsController extends ItemsController {
: super("project", fields: ['*']) {
## Display the data:
import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import 'package:get/get.dart';
import 'package:directus_starter/store/carsController.dart';
class CarDemo extends StatelessWidget{
//make the carsController accessible
final CarsController carsController = Get.put(carsController());
Widget build(BuildContext context){
return Scaffold(
appBar: AppBar(...),
body: Center(
child: Obx( () => Text(carsController.items[0]["model"]) )
`carsController.items` return a `Map<String, dynamic>` that you can use in a `ListView.builder`
>see `@/views/project.dart` for a real world example
## Controller Helpers
//getter itemsMppedOnId
Map<String ,dynamic> {
'id': 'car1',
'model': 'Model X',
'brand': 'Tesla'
'id': 'car2',
'model': 'Model 3',
'brand': 'Tesla'
'id': 'car3',
'model': 'Model S',
'brand': 'Tesla'
// imagin you have user that has a relation with a car, the userController will give you the car id so you can access the car entity with:
var carIdOfUser = 'car1';
// with function getItemById()
// with function getItemsByIds()
// if user has multiple cars and relation is a one(user) to many(cars)
carController.getItemsByIds(['car1', 'car2' ,'car3']);
## Modify the data
///# add a car
var newCar = {
'model': 'Model XXX',
'brand': 'Tesla'
// newCar MUST NOT contains an 'id' field, it will be generated by the API
// return false if the api reject the new car
///# Modify a car
var updatedCar = {
'id': carController.item[0].id,
'brand': 'Hummer',
//updatedCar MUST contains the id of the item to update
// return false if the api reject the updated car
///# delete a car
//pass only the id of the item to delere
// return false if the api refuse to delete the car
# Localization
language files are located in `@/lang/`
locals default values are stored in `@/globals.dart`
then these values are feeded into the getMaterialApp call in `@/main.dart`
### usage :
## usage:
use `Text('key'.tr);` in any widget to get the translated text
#### change local
## change local:
var locale = Locale('en', 'US');
#### get system local
## get system local:
return GetMaterialApp(
locale: Get.deviceLocale,
## api
## stores

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lib/globals.dart View File

@ -3,8 +3,8 @@ library youtribe.globals;
import 'dart:ui';
//app related
String appName = 'Youtribe flutter component librarie';
Locale locale = Locale('fr', 'FR');
String appName = 'Directus Starter';
Locale locale = Locale('en', 'EN');
Locale fallbackLocale = Locale('fr', 'FR');
// api related